About Central 3viFive

I’m sure you have come across many 365 projects.

This is of no difference, another 365 project, though I hope Central 3viFive can inspire you in some way:

to slow down, take a deep breath, and enjoy the very moment.

I’m Michelle and I’m from Central, Hong Kong. I am a photographer, traveler and a psychology-enthusiast. I love people, what people think, study their behaviours and capture them on photographs.

Central 3viFive is a little project of mine that I started because I wanted to slow down and really explore my hometown: the missed corner, the overlooked alley, the people around and the daily moments that we tend to miss out in the busy lives nowadays.

How much can you really say about your hometown? You may know the usual routes from going here and there, the places that you go for food and the neighbours or familiar people you visit for help. In this new age, our lives are so busily tied up with work, family and routines. We are always rushing to do this and do that, We rarely stop or slow down to look around and absorb the moment at that place in time. Central 3viFive tries to show you the different views, the moments that may be missed, the stories behind people in town and capture them onto pictures for you on a day to day basis.


Thanks for stopping by and visiting my little project =)   If you like the photos, please please please, do not steal. Feel free email me @ mwc.chan@gmail.com for photographs or for a chat,

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