Photograph @ Central Pier bridge, Central, Hong Kong

Photograph @ Central Pier bridge, Central, Hong Kong

With the inspiration from Eric Kim’s 30 days of overcoming fear in shooting on the street, I’m continuing my journey with his tips after his day 4 tip of shooting from the hip.

5: Pretend like you are shooting something else — haha I’ve tried that, it does have this awkward feeling of whether the person noticed me pretending.

6: Shoot with headphones on — yes. I agree absolutely with Eric that sometimes it’s good you have it on to keep you calm, yet you do miss out some of the important cues from the street.

7: Smile — works like magic!

8: Talk with them afterwards — I totally find myself nodding when Eric mentioned what Alfred Eisenstaedt said about,

“It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter.”

It’s about people. It has always been about that. It’s about the interaction with them. Not just the shutter. So whenever I can I do try to talk with people before or afterwards.

(Okay, I’m gonna jump abit here… coz most of the tips from 9-25 I’ve pretty much tried)

26: Take the first click — this works exceptionally well when I was not feeling it. It helps to warm myself up and get myself into the tune of mood of photography. Getting my vision focused. And often i found that I get better and better shots one after another.

Just like today. I was taking a stroll down the pier and on my way I was warming up taking photographs of just roads and streets, and gradually it seems my head had enough warm up exercise that it was time for the game (You know just like when you do your workout at the gym). And when I thought I got a great shot already, I see more of what I found beautiful and I clicked again. And it was a better shot.  And it happened again and again… until my hour was up.

Here, what I got is a face-off (the movie?) hahahahaha.

So mojo I got today was,

Never give up, next shot is what you should focus on.



note: after trying to experience a different colour tone in presenting my photos for this project, I still found my love lies in black and white photography. That’s just what I truly feels for. I just absolutely love the different grey tones. So for the rest of the Central 365, I am gonna follow my intuition and dig deeper in Central Hong Kong with black and white photographs!!!


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