Photograph @ Wing Kut Street, Central, Hong Kong

Photograph @ Wing Kut Street, Central, Hong Kong

Recently I’ve been reading Eric Kim’s blog. And he has this ebook about 31 days overcoming fear of shooting strangers, which has some really good tips on how to overcome that fear. Well, I’m not gonna do it by days, but definitely will try to follow his tips to get better with shooting on the streets.

And to get that candid natural moment.

So since I’ve lent my canon camera to someone, I’m only just gonna use my fujifilm to shoot for a few days. (Not that what sort of camera should matter really :P). And because of its size, it’s perfect to try out some of the tips from Eric’s ebook, starting from his day 1.

1. Identify the fear — well I definitely knew the fear was being afraid of getting yelled at, or afraid of people giving me weird looks. And honestly, putting a smile on your face (even though sometimes you may not have that happy hippy mood, just have a smile make it a zillion better)

2. Ask fro permission — well I’ve been doing that and I’ve had some success ๐Ÿ™‚ (so let’s try something else)

3. Avoid eye contact — I practiced this with no. 4.

4. Shoot from the hip — Today’s practice!!

So today I had my camera around my neck, hanging down to my hip, holding it with both left and right hand — left hand supporting the camera with its case, and right hand on the shutter. And I pretend. Pretended to look elsewhere whenever I found something that I want to shoot. 1/2 pressed my shutter to focus and click. Then walked a few meters before I checked out the photos.

Guess what? The photos are pretty interesting!!! (Well 1/2 of them not actually as sharp as I’d like, but I was enlightened with this new thing). After a few try out, I figured It works best when people are sitting down or basically on hip level. And when I saw the light on this lady’s face at her clothes shop (She was actually swam in her clothes shop), I pretended again, looking lost, and then I clicked the shutter.

Not bad right? ๐Ÿ™‚


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