Photograph @ small alley at Lan Kwai Fong outside sitting area, Central, Hong Kong

Photograph @ small alley at Lan Kwai Fong outside sitting area, Central, Hong Kong

Today I had it in my mind that I wanted to shoot somewhere that I have been going to but not had the best shot yet. And again, light was not great at the time of shoot. Well I will have to discover and observe when is the best time to get great light there. So I got myself lost again, and went into Lan Kwai Fong outside sitting area. Just before you enter the area, there is the public toilet. And right next to the public toilet, I saw this really dark creepy alley.

Yay. I thought to myself. (Okay you may think I’m crazy and you are allowed to think that!! haha)

It has all these really old wires and back of the aircons and all sorts of rusted stuff. And what I love most is that one and the only one neon sign that lit up says “peace”. When my subject entered my viewpoint, to me it seems that she was rushing and missed “peace”, making peace with herself. And then I pressed my shutter.



(Below is some insights I got from doing this project, it may bored you to death or it may not, I have warned you!! :P)

This project has been going on for 17 days.

Sometimes when I saw people liking and commenting my post, I feel a sense of acknowledgement. Oh yes, someone agrees with me, with what I’m doing, with what I see. And then, somehow, you’d want more of that sensation. It feels good. Oh yes, it makes you feel so good. But then, sometimes when I don’t see any feedback from others, I would question myself:

Why? Was there something “wrong” with what I posted?

What is it that people like or not like about it?

They pop up in my head. And then my brain will go into the turmoil of looping and trying to find out the answer –why.

Then I’ll start to have self-doubt. I’d want to seek for people’s approval. I’d want to do better to make sure people like more. And then I’ll forget why I want to do this project from the very start.

Wait a minute. That just all gone wrong!!!! The project shouldn’t be dependable on other’s opinions or ideas. It’s should be from me. My concept. My idea. My perception.

Keeping faith and believe in yourself. 

Not getting distracted or affected by others is one of the hardest thing for me. I have to learn better in doing that.



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