Photograph @ Central Market, Hong Kong

Photograph @ Central Market, Hong Kong

This morning wasn’t feeling too talkative so took my 24-70mm lens and be a silent photographer for once.

Central market is the essence of Central. It is a collective of many locals who originate from here. Today while walking around here, searching for a great light, a local told me that the market will have to be moved by December. This means that they are removing the very essence, historical, and nostalgic part of Central.

What? Shouldn’t this be preserved?

Well I knew it already but I didn’t think it was that quick. People here work their ass off to keep up with their living. Just like the one in the photograph.


Some reflections from doing this project:

Having changed the approach to how I take photographs (i.e. finding the light first rather than the subject), I do find it harder to switch, just because I’m more drawn to people and their behaviours. Finding the light for taking still objects is not too bad, coz it’s not moving. You have all the time you need to place your camera and try out this angle or that angle etc. Finding the light for taking moving objects i.e. people is like a million times harder. You either have to be very good with your camera and when you see great light and people together, you get the right setting quickly and click (be sure to get a sharp image too!). Or, you find a spot that has great light and then you wait for the subject to enter your viewpoint. The 1st one is much harder, but you are much more likely to get a great photo story. The second one is easier comparatively, but then you have to wait for an interesting subject and… light moves. It changes. So again, it’s about timing. Or you can ask strangers for portraits, then you’ll be sure to get great light and people together but I think you somehow loose the story there. That moment.

So… photography is not easy. Especially creating great ones.


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