Photograph @ Shelley street, Central, Hong Kong

Photograph @ Shelley street, Central, Hong Kong

Having all the tips I got from yesterday in my head this morning, I was feeling ready. I went pass a few usual places and managed to get myself lost towards the end of the hour. That’s good? I suppose? Definitely managed to explored places I have not been before.

Today I definitely learned a few things. Well first I actually got my shot in the first 15 minutes at Elgin Street. But then the store man asked me whether I was gonna post it on the web, I said if he doesn’t want to then I won’t. So with respect to him, I’m not gonna use that photo. He explained that he worries that the Hawker control team will come and arrest them if the photo got posted online. And at that moment in time, I witnessed a hawker controller doing her job. With my very own eyes, I can see those poor elderly trying to make a living were pushed and forced to leave.

Authorities. Is that how we use them?

Afterwards, I walked up Shelley street and saw a little boy drinking his soda with his helper on the staircases. He was so cute and shy. Asking him to pretend to be my model was a fun part of today.

So… let me check whether I’ve managed to follow my 5 tips (

  1. Shoot before 10am. –ticked.
  2. Discipline my brain –ticked.
  3. Talked to strangers. –ticked.
  4. Find the light first. –ermmmmmm.
  5. Check histogram –ticked.

I did pretty good!!! Quite proud of myself =) Except the part of finding the light first, I guess I can find more interesting light. Now here are 2 more things I learned today that I should bear in mind while shooting in Central:

  • Don’t shoot hawkers. They worry the photo online may increase their exposure and getting caught.
  • Don’t shoot people who are wearing uniform. They as well worry that they will get caught for “promoting” their company.
  • Think of what sort of photo I want to take before choosing the lens I bring. Today’s photo would be better with a 50mm/1.4 if I had my mind set on taking portrait before I leave home.

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