Photography @ corner between D'Aguilar street and Wing Wah street, Central, Hong Kong

Photography @ corner between D’Aguilar street and Wing Wah street, Central, Hong Kong

Today I went out too late (Stupid me!!). The light was too hard. Darn. I went around lots of places, but light was just not good — either no light or light was too hard and giving too much contrast and loosing too much details. With the 1 hr rule I applied starting yesterday, all I got today was this. Not the best, not the worst.

Mediocre. That to me is already bad. Argh. 

I do have better photographs from previous days but I want to keep the photo to the day that I shoot. That is to make sure I practice everyday. And practice makes perfect, right?

So this one I took this at the corner of D’Aguilar street and Wing Wah Lane. Having explored a little deeper around Central for a few days, I have observed that many people like to smoke in those very narrow lanes or alleys. I have seen quite a few of them in different lanes that I walked pass. I wonder why — because they think they don’t get noticed? Or because they can have a private place for them to gossip? Or they want to hide from their bosses? Well… I have no idea. Anyway, so I saw this man smoking at the corner, and the light was not toooooo bad (a little hard for my liking though), but it was great for capturing the smoke. Problem was I didn’t check my photo after and found the exposure was not good since the photo was not sharp enough. That’s why I think it’s mediocre.

Based on what I have learned from the past 10 days for doing this project, here are what I have concluded that I must bare in mind:

  1. Shoot before 10am. Light gets too hard after that.
  2. Discipline my brain. Shoot within an hour. That’s it. No extension.
  3. Talk to strangers. Show my curiosity in their stories. Then they are more likely to let you take a photograph.
  4. Find the light first. Not the subject. Anything that is under great light makes the photograph interesting.
  5. Check histogram immediately after shoot. That will help me to adjust camera settings to get better exposure.

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