Photography @ Man Yee Lane, Central, Hong Kong

Photography @ Man Yee Lane, Central, Hong Kong

Having limited time to do this project on days I have my part-time was killing me. I had to do something with that. So I made a little goal for myself. Everyday I am allowing myself an hour to explore and whatever I get, that’s it. I will just have to push my little universe in my brain to make the best out of that hour.

Yes, get my brain trained. I’m the boss, not my brain.

So today I went out at 9.15am. An hour. So that means 10:15 I will need to finish no matter what. First I went to the photo-processing shop to get the print out for a photo that I shot few days ago. And on the way there, my eyes were drawn to the light that was shinning at the small alley way. I went back there after getting the photo and it’s got all the stores that collects recycling stuff (e.g. card paper, white paper, newspaper, etc). They organise them and pack them accordingly into big steel movable boxes and take them to sell.


Great background. Great story. Good light. Now just need to wait for the subject to enter my viewpoint and click. Since I only have an hour, I didn’t bother moving to another place. I just waited there, for a perfect shot. And within minutes, I got my shot. And I still have 1/2 hour to spare.

You see. When you have a boundary, you know when you must finish, and within that time, your brain works like magic, whatever it takes to make what you want.

It’s about discipline. Disciplining your brain. 

nb. photo will be better with reflector that can reflect some light onto his face. I needa get one of that.


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