Photography @ Lok Hing Lane, Central, Hong Kong

Photography @ Lok Hing Lane, Central, Hong Kong


I can breathe a little. Since work starts in the afternoon, I had much more time in the morning to explore around.

It was quite a hard choice for me to choose which photo to post for today, since I went to quite a few “new” and interesting places around Central. But then, problem with not being able to choose is because the photographs are not at their best (Yes I’m quite a perfectionist. I am pretty harsh on myself when it comes to photography. They are either just blend and boring, or because there is no subject for it. Well, I can’t find any that would let me. So the other areas I will re-visit and find the best shot before posting  here :P).

At last, I chose the one I shot in Lok Hing Lane. It’s an alley just off Pottinger Street (it’s so small that it doesn’t even show the name of it on google map!!). What drew my eyes were the colourful graffiti on the wall.  And when you follow the lane, there is a park inside. Another hidden park!!! And I thought to myself, what’s the best way to capture this… The light was great and the background was great…

just. missing. a. subject!!!

I waited sometime for people to walk pass. (Really not many people walk into here). And then a guy pulling out the trash come towards me. He fits perfectly with the graffiti background!! I quickly took a few shots. And this is the best one (well amongst the others), because there is eye contact, yet it’s a little blurry coz I couldn’t get my focus right while he was moving.


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