Photograph @ MTR Exit B, Central, Hong Kong

Photograph @ MTR Exit B, Central, Hong Kong


Not too happy with this shot again.

But… having had the experience of thinking I must take a photo for the project, today I just walked to work with my camera on hand — not thinking that I need to take a photograph but having a camera with me so that if I see something or met someone, I got a camera to capture that. So taking my pace to walk to work, I met some interesting people on the way, though I didn’t manage to get any photos as they were rushing to leave.

“That’s ok” I thought. The point is to slow down. Not rushing to get some shots. 

After work, again I took a long slow walk. This time I went into a small alley that is right beside MTR exit B. (It has no street name so I can’t really locate it exactly here). Basically it’s where many cobbler stores are. But then I found this small store towards the end of the alley that specializes in something else. It specializes in repairing clothing (I have no clue what the proper name is). My eyes were drawn to him because of the light on his work desk that lite up his face while he was working.

Then I clicked my shutter.


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