Photograph @ Peel Street, Central, Hong Kong

Photograph @ Peel Street, Central, Hong Kong



It’s such an easy excuse to procrastinate. But of course, being a warrior for doing art (thanks to the book “The war of art” by Steven Pressfield), I told myself that I had to overcome that resistance. The resistance. 

So I went out, I wanted to talk to the elderly today — getting to know what their lives are like, and what stories they have.

Usually we notice them around, but we hardly spend time finding out more about them, because we are too busy dealing with our own lives.

So as usual I wondered around Central. This time I followed someone who went up an alley (that I never noticed before??), and there was a hidden park!! I saw some elderly (we called them bak bak in Chinese) sitting around and relaxing, so I went up to talk to them. It was quite amusing, they are very chatty and they were so keen to letting me know what they know e.g. what was this park 50 years ago. Cute. But then they were refused to let me take a photo. Well. 

I walked back down to the market and nearer to where I live. Came across a bak bak doing some Chinese calligraphy and I was so amazed that I started talking with him. He then showed me his young photo and also photos of his family. I learned a whole big story about him. And when I asked him if he minded me taking a photo for him, he nodded with pleasure, and even asked me for a copy to keep!!

nb. Lighting was a little different, most of it was from the yellowish lamp in his store. Not the best I must say. Will have to get more practice in capturing the light with the composition and subject that I want.


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