Photograph @ Queen Road Central, Central, Hong Kong

Another reason for doing Central 3viFive is that I want to get better with my photography skills. Nowadays with the fast growing industry of digital cameras, it’s quite easy to just point and shoot. You like it you save it, you don’t then you just delete it. It’s very simple, to a point that you don’t need much thinking process.

Before I photoshoot for today’s photo, I deciphered the process of how I photoshoot. 1st I look for interesting background, or subjects, then I wait for the moment where the composition is what I think best then I press the button. After reading Jens’ travel portrait free-ebook, which has inspired me many ways, has pointed out there is a major problem to my way of photoshoot. Oh no.

Find the light, then the subject.

I’ve been doing it the other way round. Damn. Baring that in mind, in my head I kept thinking “find the light find the light” before I shoot anything. So today I spent sometime studying how light falls onto people and whether I like it or not. It’s hard. Definitely harder than I thought. By the time I find the light, the background isn’t as good as I want, the composition is no good.

So then… I saw this. The light falls beautifully on a man who was standing and at the middle of the street, ignoring all the passing by of people at lunch hour, and just starring at his phone. I guess it must be something important. Well I hope it’s something important… because he is missing out the beautiful sunshine!


3 thoughts on “Two

  1. Im sorry. In a few days you wont be able to have a coffee with your friends without being annoyed that the light in their faces are ugly. Work related injury πŸ˜‰

    Glad my e-book could inspire! Do you think the “Find the light, then the subject” is a good way to do it?

    Keep in touch! πŸ™‚ Jens

    • Hi Jens!!!

      So nice to see you here!! πŸ™‚ Yes your ebook and your blog inspired me alot!! I have to say, finding the light then the subject is really a better way to do it, I find that it gives you a much better photograph (of course with good composition and subject will be even better!!)

      Keep in touch!! πŸ˜€ Michelle

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